20 meters away from a sandy beach
and in the rooms you can hear the rustle of the trees
from the surrounding Seaside Park
on the beach
5-star hotel

Stylish elegance and soothing colours
with a hint of art deco decadence

of seaside style
The essence
Culinary journey through the land of flavours
a perfect combination of regional cuisine with modern influences
from distant corners of the world

Arté i Classic


Space filled with light and inspired by nature,
being the source of blissful relaxation



The enclave of beauty and unadulterated pleasure,
which help regain harmony and soothe the senses



Essence of the seaside style

Diune_Hotel_And_Resort-by_Zdrojowa-Kolobrzeg-Ikona-Icon_01Located merely 20 meters from the beach, Diune Hotel***** & Resort is a place for those who want to celebrate the art of relaxation. A breath of breeze, the sound of waves and a view to the Baltic dunes allow you to immerse yourself in an idyllic atmosphere of the resort. The hotel is shielded by the greenery of the Seaside Park and fits perfectly in the Kołobrzeg marine nature and waits to be discovered by those seeking perfect harmony.

In this hotel on the dunes every detail and soothing colours of rooms with a hint of decadence provide a unique aesthetic experience. Stylish elegance of the interiors, referring to the art deco style was perfectly combined with the simplicity of modernist architecture. Stylish apartments and excellent service are not all – the most important is the atmosphere, which is created by exceptional people – our Guests!

Diune Hotel***** & Resort enchants not only with the unique style and the proximity to the Baltic Sea, but also with the tastes created by a talented chef – Rafał Durka. Cuisine connoisseurs will appreciate the dishes served in the refined Arté restaurant and slow moments at the aromatic small black coffee in the café. A leisurely breakfast in the Classic Restaurant is the quintessence of a perfect start of a new day.

Take shelter from everyday life and spoil yourself with a dreamlike look! An enclave of beauty and pleasure, Diune Wellness, offers sensual ceremonies and rituals. Light-filled Diune SPA encourages to use of the beneficial properties of the water. Swimming pool, children’s pool, two Jacuzzis giving out to the park, sauna, steam baths, tepidarium and graduation tower are a source of unforgettable relaxation.


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Rooms & Apartments

Designed in an elegant style inspired by the art déco


64 stylish rooms and suites
filled with pleasure

Diune Hotel*****

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The art of relaxation enchanted
in 152 rooms and suites

Diune Resort

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Imagine yourself in this place
Hotel & Resort


Hotel & Resort



Rooms & Apartments




SPA & Wellness


SPA & Wellness

Kids Club


Kids Club


Zapraszamy do obejrzenia galerii




Diune Hotel***** & Resort
ul. Sułkowskiego 4 A-C
78-100 Kołobrzeg


GPS coordinates


N 54 ̊ 11’ 16”
E 15 ̊ 35’ 57”
Under construction

Zdrojowa Hotels

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Zdrojowa Hotels consists of unique premium facilities with outstanding prime location and architecture. The interiors have been designed for comfort of Guests who value stylish elegance and modernity with a regional twist. Spacious rooms offer unforgettable views. Zdrojowa Hotels is the biggest hotel chain in Polish resorts, made of 11 exceptional facilities at the seaside and in the mountains.

Zdrojowa is socially responsible, caring about the development of art and the environment under the Zdrojowa Art and Zdrojowa Eco Friendly programmes.

Prizes and awards

Diune_Hotel_And_Resort-by_Zdrojowa_Kolobrzeg-Best_Hotel_Award-Logo Diune_Hotel_And_Resort-by_Zdrojowa_Kolobrzeg-Prestige_SPA_Awards_2016-Logo Diune_Hotel_And_Resort-by_Zdrojowa_Kolobrzeg-EKO_Inspiracja_2014_Firma-Logo Diune_Hotel_And_Resort-by_Zdrojowa_Kolobrzeg-Holiday_Check_Award_2014-Logo Diune_Hotel_And_Resort-by_Zdrojowa_Kolobrzeg-Holiday_Check_Award_2015-Logo Diune_Hotel_And_Resort-by_Zdrojowa_Kolobrzeg-Holiday_Check_Award_2016-Logo Diune_Hotel_And_Resort-by_Zdrojowa_Kolobrzeg-HRS_Hotel_Roku_2015-Logo Diune_Hotel_And_Resort-by_Zdrojowa_Kolobrzeg-Food_Business_Awards_2015-Logo Diune_Hotel_And_Resort-by_Zdrojowa_Kolobrzeg-Profit_Hotel_Awards_2015-Logo Diune_Hotel_And_Resort-by_Zdrojowa_Kolobrzeg-Najwyzsza_jakosc-Poziomka_Gesslerowej-Logo Diune_Hotel_And_Resort-by_Zdrojowa_Kolobrzeg-Gault_Millau-2015_2016-Logo Diune_Hotel_And_Resort-by_Zdrojowa_Kolobrzeg-Wine_And_Food_Noble_Night-Logo

Hotel & Resort

Rooms & Apartments


SPA & Wellness

  • Basen w Diune Hotel***** & Resort
  • Tężnia w Kołobrzegu Diune Hotel***** & Resort
  • Diune Wellness, Diune Hotel, Tęźnia w Kołobrzegu
  • Sauna sucha w Diune Hotel***** & Resort Kołobrzeg
  • Sauna mokra w Diune Hotel***** & Resort Kołobrzeg
  • Leżaki w basenie hotelowym, Kołobrzeg, Diune Hotel***** & Resort
  • Diune Hotel**** & Resort, Diune Wellness gabinet
  • Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Gabinet Wellness, Kołobrzeg
  • Diune Hotel**** & Resort, Gabinet Wellness

Kids Club

  • 01-diune_hotel_zdrojowa_invest-kolobrzeg-bawialnia-playroom-web
  • 02-diune_hotel_zdrojowa_invest-kolobrzeg-bawialnia-playroom-web
  • 03-diune_hotel_zdrojowa_invest-kolobrzeg-bawialnia-playroom-web
Diune Hotel***** & Resort